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Finally, our updated website is here !

Welcome to our new look website ! After a lot of hard work we have finally come up with a brand new look which we hope portrays our family friendly ethics. We have always taken great pride in our dancewear, working closely with our factories to ensure the best quality possible with our Elite Branded items.

We have made our site as easy to use as possible, so you can confidently purchase from us at any time of the day and night.

Please feel free to come and join our private group on facebook, where we keep each other up to date with news, new products, or just a chat.

Elite Dance Supplies Trade Hub

Why choose us as your dancewear provider?

*We work hard to make sure we have just the right items in stock for you

*Friendly and welcoming attitude, nothing is too much bother

*Always looking for new products to bring to you

Why not give us a try and see for yourself ­čÖé

Jeanette and the team

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In recent years, there has been a huge stigma around veganism, with people finding many pros and cons to the lifestyle. There are plenty of reasons people choose to become vegan; whether that’s a strong belief in the environmentally damaging effects farming animals is having on the planet or for ethical reasons and the view that animals do not deserve to be killed for our consumption. Whatever the reason, and whether or not everyone agrees, Veganism is becoming more popular and many people are making changes to fit this lifestyle. This means that companies must follow; they need to offer more products that appeal to to the demand. This applies to various industries, including food and fashion.

Vegan diets are becoming easier to access and tastier than ever before, chefs are experimenting with foods and flavours and creating menu’s that offer a delicious variety of vegan friendly meals. Restaurants are holding Vegan themed events and shops are selling more Vegan options daily. The demand is there and companies are quickly reacting to it and starting to make changes to meet that demand. Follow this link for some great Vegan Diet advice and recipes

One thing I hadn’t really heard of until recently was Vegan Fashion, this is completely new to me and so I looked into it a little further. Vegan Fashion is clothing that is not made from any animal sources, including wool, fur, leather and silk to name a few and this could be anything from bags, shoes, accessories and clothes. It is a well known fact that our fashion industry is proving detrimental to the health of the planet; we are buying clothes at an unsustainable rate and throwing them out just as fast! Read this article for more facts on our clothing waste so it is completely understandable that there are people that want to produce more animal and earth friendly products. Vegan fashion does exactly that, and it makes you look good in the process! An added bonus is knowing that no animal products were used and no animals were harmed on the process of your clothes being made.

Having now found out about Vegan Fashion, it prompted me to look into my own products and what they are made from. As it turns out, the majority of our tap shoes are completely Vegan! We use man made products for the upper main part of the shoe and finish it off with a Resin sole, there are no animal based materials used, even the glue is Vegan! The same applies for our Cotton and Lycra range of dancewear, most of which are made in the UK.

Please click here to view our full range of footwear.

There is a slight sense of pride in knowing that we are offering great quality products that suit all lifestyles and we hope that in the future we can offer more sustainable products and Vegan friendly dancewear. It feels great to know that we offer a chance for people who are Vegan to dance away, with the knowledge that they are wearing animal friendly dance wear.


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